La Corse du sud en moto

Motorcycling through Corsica


With over 8 million tourists every year, Corsica can pride itself on being one of the leading destinations of the Mediterranean.
It's also a legendary destination for bikers who love nature.


Corsica boasts a host of breathtaking landscapes, through its mountainous regions, its incised valleys, its cliffs in particular in the south, its perched villages, its rivers and natural pools as well, of course, along its coast with its calanques and fine sandy beaches with their turquoise water.

Why you should discover Corsica on a motorbike 

Corsica is a one-of-a-kind place given the diversity of its scenescapes that are just as magnificent as far-distant exotic ones, and given its incredible fauna and flora. Motorcycling through Corsica above all means enjoying the thrill of pure freedom. You'll ride off on roads that are impractical by car, so there'll be much less tourist traffic, you'll go where you please and stop off anytime, anywhere…

It's also your thirst for discovery and adventure that guides you along mountainous routes, occasionally chaotic tracks, to come across an outstanding calanque where you become one with nature.

Choosing to discover Corsica on a motorbike also means delighting in a human adventure as you'll meet locals who'll invite you to taste regional specialities, and you'll come across other members of the biking community with whom you'll head off for a ride. And, finally, it means choosing to live your road trip hedonistically, by taking the strict minimum and enjoying everything you discover for what it's worth.

Ajaccio - Phare des Îles Sanguinaires
Ajaccio - Phare des Îles Sanguinaires


Riding around the Island of Beauty on a motorbike requires quite a bit of preparation. It's good to know that the best time of the year to do it is between April and mid November. Give yourself at least a week if you want to discover all the different aspects of the island and take advantage of every moment. A mini checklist of what you need to do and think about to enjoy your adventure fully:

  • If you take your own bike: give it a full check-up before you leave
  • If you rent an equipped bike once you're here: check insurance and assistance terms and conditions if ever you have a problem, if your mileage is unlimited, etc.
  • Bring a road book with the various stages you've planned
  • Choose your accommodation in advance and book it: campsite, hotel, B&B, etc.
  • Plan a fuel budget for the petrol stations open along your route
  • If you choose to travel with a La Méridionale ferry, you'll need to arrive for check-in at least an hour before the ship leaves

Which motorbike is best for discovering Corsica

Corsica boasts 1,000 faces and incredibly-diversified landscapes: from winding asphalt mountain roads (watch out for animals waiting for you round a bend) to small secondary roads in really poor condition.
Whether you head off on a big, powerful bike or a 125cc, on a roadster, a scooter or a sports bike, you'll find a suitable touristic route for travelling across Corsica on your bike.
Table of advantages and disadvantages for each type of bike:

Type of bike Type of route recommended Licence required Advantages Disadvantages
Trial (dirt bike) All types of terrain X Off-road vehicle Not very comfortable and little storage space
Road bike Long asphalt distances X Comfortable and wide choice of luggage packs Avoid gravel trails
Sports Winding asphalt roads X Mountain roads will delight the bikers Not very comfortable and little storage space
Custom Long asphalt distances X Comfortable and wide choice of luggage packs Avoid gravel trials
Roadster Asphalt roads X A trial and sporty mix Avoid gravel trails
Scooter and other 125cc Asphalt roads and tracks   You can ride across Corsica without a licence Plan on stopping lots for fuel


What gear do you need for travelling around Corsica on a motorbike

Discovering Corsica by bike means riding off for an adventure, to discover natural regions where fauna and flora live in perfect harmony. All this may seem like a dream scenario but it can become a nightmare if you're not kitted out correctly. An overview of the gear you should take, for your two-wheeler and for yourself. 


To fully enjoy your trips on your two-wheeler in Corsica, you'll need:

  • Map or GPS
  • Helmet, gloves, boots, biking jacket or even fully-body leathers. From July and through summer, leather gear, especially a jacket, is too hot, bring a breathable jacket
  • Road book with your stages and the list of petrol stations open
  • Tool kit in the event of breakdown
  • Motorbike licence and other documents sealed in an airtight wrap in case it rains
  • Fuel budget
  • Remember bags/cases for storing your gear: a top case and/or side cases
  • Take waterproof rain trousers.


  • Hat / cap
  • Sunglasses
  • T-shirt
  • Shorts
  • Swimming gear
  • Sunscreen
  • Camera to immortalize the magic of the moment
  • Tent and sleeping bag if you intend to stop off at campsites


Here are 2 types of route: one for experienced riders and suitable for custom bikes starting out from Ajaccio and the other for novice bikers starting in Bastia.

Les calanches de Piana en moto
Les calanches de Piana en moto

Discovering Corsica on a custom bike

This route is for seasoned bikers, to discover Corsica on their custom bikes. We advise you to take a ferry to the port of Ajaccio, the starting point for your trip that will finish a week later in Bastia.

Routes de la Corse du sud en moto
Routes de la Corse du sud en moto

Head for Propriano along the coast road as you leave Ajaccio. Between Propriano and Sartène, we suggest you visit the Olva Nature Park where you can discover Corsican species along a botanical discovery trail as well as domestic animals endemic to the region, all roaming free.

Next, pursue your route until you reach Ventilegne Lagoon where you can kitesurf if you're sporty and love thrills and spills. After this stop-off, head to Bonifacio where you can take time out to admire the Bouches de Bonifacio Nature Reserve and its limestone cliffs.

Continue your route to Porto Vecchio. Stop off a few kilometres from there to visit the Ceccia archaeological site and explore the vestiges dating back to the 4th millennium BCE and take in the breathtaking vista. Continue along the winding inland roads to Corte where you can visit the Museum of Corsica. Now ride on to Piana with its dreamy calanques listed as a Unesco world heritage site. Next, visit Scandola Reserve with its red granite cliffs, another Unesco world heritage site. When you get close to Galeria, a must-stop is Fango Valley with its crystal-clear torrent, its forest and its mountains.

If you love festivals, then make a stop off in Calvi for "Calvi on the Rocks", if you're around at the beginning of July. Weave your way along Balagne and enjoy a break on Île Rousse to see the Pietra lighthouse. Next up, ride along the Gulf of Saint Florent and around Cap Corse on your bike until you reach Bastia.

Punta di Ferriate
Punta di Ferriate

An easy route for discovering Corsica on a bike

Head out of Bastia to Saint Florent then ride along the amazing Agriates Desert. Next, ride inland and cross Corsica Regional Nature Park until you get to Corte. Take time out here to wander around the fabulous Restonica Gorges and why not even enjoy a swim in Lake Melo or Lake Capitello. 
Now, hit the road to Aléria to discover local gastronomy and Corsican cold cuts. Continue your route a bit further and spend a relaxing moment on the sandy beaches of Solenzara and Favone as well as Polischellu Waterfalls. 
Your next stop-off is Porto-Vecchio. Along the way, take some time off to discover the Cucuruzzu and Capula archaeological sites. The Aiguilles de Bavella (Bavella Needles) invite you to wow during an incredible natural show as the sun sets. 
Pursue your route with exceptional sites by heading to Palombaggia with its white sandy beaches surrounded by red rocks, some of Corsica's most beautiful beaches. The next stage of your road trip takes you to Bonifacio and its limestone cliffs.

Sud Corse - Les falaises de Bonifacio
Sud Corse - Les falaises de Bonifacio

Awe-inspiring scenery continues to roll by as you ride along winding mountain roads: Sartène, Campomoro, Propriano, Porto Pollo, then on to Ajaccio, the end of your journey.