Village de Moltifao en Corse au mois de février

Corsica in February


Corsica ranks high among French people's favourite destinations.
Although it's really popular with tourists during the summer, it's just as amazing in winter. Lush green forests leave pride of place to snow-capped mountains, and, in kitchens, everyone's busy preparing specialities
with chestnuts

If you're a fan of slow tourism, then head off for a crossing to Corsica with La Méridionale
during the month of February. When you arrive, take time out to admire the scenescapes, far from everyday hustle and bustle, travel around by bike and delight in a laid-back winter interlude on the Island of Beauty.


Corsica's a mountainous region even though our collective unconscious tends to conjure up paradisiacal beaches. It actually boasts 3 ranges of mountains that host ski resorts open in February:

  • Vergio (1,400 m - 1,540 m), Corsica's oldest resort. With a slope running through the forest.
  • Ghisoni (1,580 m - 1,870 m) with its 7 slopes
  • Val d’Ese (1,620 m - 1,750 m) with its 3 traditional ski slopes and a cross-country ski trail.

If ever you're looking for a total change of scenery, we advise you to go to Corsica in February and head for
Val d'Ese. Here, you can enjoy a host of snowshoe trails during wonderful sunny days.

Promenade en raquettes dans les montagnes de Corse du Sud
Promenade en raquettes dans les montagnes de Corse du Sud

Among the great natural sites in Corsica to visit in February, we recommend Vizzavona Forest,
just a few kilometres from Ajaccio. Restonica also invites to discover a totally different landscape during winter.

Lake Melo and Lake Capitello, frozen during this season, offer a breathtaking scenescape. And, while you're in the mountains, don't forget to visit the Aiguilles de Bavella (Bavella Needles).

La vallée de la Restonica
La vallée de la Restonica

Weather in Corsica in February

Differences in temperature can be observed in February in different regions, Southern Corsica is more exposed to sea winds.

Generally-speaking, it's quite fresh in Corsica in February in the morning and evening. Thermometers average on 10°C with minimum and maximum temperatures of between 8°C and 12°C.
Water is cooler at around 13°C.

Festivals, concerts and other events in Corsica in February

During February, there are few major events on Corsica's agenda.


The must-not-miss large culinary event held in Corsica in February is the "Tumbera", which takes place
in Renno, in Southern Corsica. Traditional Corsican cuisine takes pride of place and, in particular, dishes prepared with Corsican pork. Here, you can find of course coppa, prisutti, figatelli, etc.
as well as local produce such as wine, bread and honey, to name but three.

You can chat to local producers and taste their products during a typically Corsican meal and,
as of 4pm, pork is cut and its pieces are sold by auction.

What should you visit in Corsica in February?

It's interesting to visit Corsica in February, especially Bastia that has a relatively mild climate at this time
of the year.

Bastia is the prefecture of Haute-Corse and the second most populated city. The old town, set between the mountains and the sea, is an attractive place both commercially-speaking with its port and from a tourist point of view.


The city of Bastia looks like a Genoese city with its citadel towering over the port.
The houses with their vibrantly-coloured façades paint an enchanting picture, enhanced even more at night by the lights reflecting in the water of the port.

Bastia en Haute-Corse
Bastia en Haute-Corse

A stroll through the Terra Vecchia district of Bastia is a definite must to discover the city in February. You can wander at your leisure through its pedestrian streets where narrow alleyways and brightly-coloured dwellings make Bastia feel like a village where time has stood still.

The Governors' Palace, in the Citadel district, is a historic monument featuring highly-original architecture, and it also hosts the Museum of Bastia.

Le Palais des Gouverneurs à Bastia
Le Palais des Gouverneurs à Bastia

Sainte-Marie Cathedral, also located at the heart of the Citadel district, is a must-visit if you spend your February holidays in Corsica, in Bastia. It showcases numerous masterpieces including paintings and marble works, in particular a statue of the Assumption of Our Lady sculpted in solid silver and weighing nearly 500 kg.

Statue de l’Assomption de la Vierge, Cathédrale Sainte-Marie, à Bastia
Statue de l’Assomption de la Vierge, Cathédrale Sainte-Marie, à Bastia

If you'd like to discover local arts and crafts, then head down rue Napoléon and explore Bastia's decorators and creators' works. And, at the weekend, local producers propose their wares on the "u mercà" market square: coppa, canistrelli and other cheese specialities to excite your taste buds.