Tarif Senior pour les traversées vers la Corse et le Maroc

Senior price


Are you over 60? Then head off and discover Tangier and the Island of Beauty at a special price with La Méridionale. 
Booking your crossing to Corsica or Morocco and travel in pure comfort in a friendly atmosphere.

Senior price for Corsica

Our senior price offers you the opportunity to explore the Island of Beauty at a special price, subject to availability.

In any event, to benefit from our best prices, we advise you to book your crossing to Corsica as early as possible. If the senior price is available, it's proposed automatically to travellers over the age of 60 when they book a ferry ticket to Corsica.

It's applicable:

  • To foot passengers and passengers with vehicles;
  • For one-way and return trips.

Not sure about the dates you'd like to travel to Porto-Vecchio or Ajaccio?

Well, place an option on your booking if terms and conditions allow you to do so. Your price will be guaranteed for a few days to give you time to compare and decide. 

Senior price bookings are modifiable under certain conditions, but non-refundable. 

Couple qui profite du tarif senior pour partir en Corse
Couple qui profite du tarif senior pour partir en Corse

Senior price for Morocco

Passengers over the age of 60 may take advantage of the senior price on crossings to Morocco.

Seniors may benefit from this reduced price for a selection of crossings between Marseille and Tanger-Med, based on availability.
By placing an option on your crossings, you'll be giving yourself time to think during which the price and conditions of your booking are guaranteed.

Ferry tickets to Morocco at the senior price are modifiable and refundable under certain conditions

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In case of unforeseen circumstances, and for just a few euros, our insurance options cover cancellation and modification charges. To find out how to apply, view our General Terms and Conditions of Insurance.

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