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La Méridionale, historic shipping company serving Corsica, now invites you to discover the Maghreb. Sail off on our ferry for Morocco with your Marseille - Tangier Med travel ticket.



Morocco offers visitors a host of activities and discoveries… trekking in the mountains, lounging on beaches, strolling through old towns and much, much more. What's more, with sunny skies guaranteed. Book your Marseille-Tangier Med crossing to enjoy all this!

A land where tradition and modernity meet

Morocco, located on the north-west side of the African continent overlooking Spain is a passageway between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, a gateway between Europe and Africa.

This special situation has forged the country's history over time. After being occupied by Phoenicians and Carthaginians during Antiquity, the country converted to Islam in the 7th century under the influence of Arabs and Berbers. During the 15th century, it was invaded by the Portuguese and Spanish, then went on to become a French protectorate. The Moroccan people gained their independence in 1956.

Today, the Kingdom of Morocco is a nation boasting a one-of-a-kind identity, where economic growth and age-old customs reign in harmony.

La corniche de Tanger, une promenade incontournable de 5km
La corniche de Tanger, une promenade incontournable de 5km

Cultural wealth

The double seafront, the landscapes of the Atlas Mountains and the desert have created spectacular vistas across the country.
Nature lovers can explore the limestone scenescapes of Dadès and Todgha Gorges. Head off to Paradise Valley and admire the incredible fauna and flora.

And, to take in all the amazing landscapes the country offers, why not explore the dunes of the Sahara, around Merzouga and Dakhla for example.

Wander through imperial cities and delight in the country's cultural and architectural wealth. In Rabat, Fez and Marrakech, historic districts and contemporary museums mingle together.
Wherever you go, you'll be wowed by Moroccan-style hospitality and delicious cuisine. Savoury specialities like couscous, tajine and pastilla and desserts (gazelle horns, briouats with honey, ghoriba, etc.) also reflect the Kingdom's multi-cultural past.

Café Hafa, lieu mythique de Tanger avec vue imprenable sur l'océan
Café Hafa, lieu mythique de Tanger avec vue imprenable sur l'océan


Book a trip on one of La Méridionale's regular Marseille - Tangier  Med crossings and discover Africa's main port and one of Morocco's most vibrant cities.

Tangier, the white city

Tangier is characterized by maritime activities and interactions between peoples. As soon as you step off the ferry in Morocco, you'll be immersed in the buzz of the city instantly.

If you fancy a bit of peace and quiet, then take time out in the Kasbah. From the citadel, reigning supreme on the hillside, you can take in the myriad of bright façades and terraces that have earned Tangier the nickname "White City".

The wonderfully-well preserved Medina overflows with palaces, museums and the Great Mosque. Although it's smaller and calmer than the ones in Casablanca and Meknes, it's the perfect place to wind down.

Maroc, Tanger, Bab el-Assa, une porte d'accès à la Kasbah avec décoration en mosaïque.
Maroc, Tanger, Bab el-Assa, une porte d'accès à la Kasbah avec décoration en mosaïque.


A host of other surprises await you, such as Cape Malabata with its breathtaking view over the city, the bay and the Strait of Gibraltar.

And, while you're here, visit the Caves of Hercules. Legend has it that the mythical hero stayed and slept here during his 12 labours. No matter whether the legend's true or not: these artificial caves are definitely worth the trip.

Another must-do stop-off as you wander through the Grand Souk market is the former Cinéma Rif. It's now a cinematheque that centre stages new Moroccan creations and features a friendly café with terrace.

So, if you'd like to explore Tangier, book your ferry ticket for Morocco as a foot passenger or with your vehicle. Whether you choose to travel alone, with family or friends, your cabin's waiting for you on a ship for Morocco! And, thanks to our staff's warm welcome, our chef's mouth-watering dishes and our ever-so comfortable cabins, you'll feel like you're already in Morocco before you've even left the port.

La Place du 9 avril - Grand Socco à Tanger
La Place du 9 avril - Grand Socco à Tanger



La Méridionale - Marseille-Tanger Med - Horaires
Marseille-Tanger Med - Grille horaires

During school holidays, we advise you to book your tickets two months in advance to have as much choice as possible. Times specified may be modified without prior notice.

The journey - Route

itineraire marseille tanger
itineraire marseille tanger

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